An extremely minimal  procjam entry ;) 

I took @galaxykate's lovely "slidertoy" generator-tool-thing (array of floates)  as jumping-off point, and followed the instructions to make a new generator type.

In doing this I managed to break the two pre-existing generator types which came with it. I am going to fix this tomorrow, but am submitting now just in case I have no time to look at it until after the deadline....

The new generator type makes some simple but pretty polygonal patterns. It, alas, is also not original - I took the idea from the wonderful book "Generative Design" (edited by  C. Lazzeroni) ( The example it is based on is  is the one called "Hello, Shape", on page 202 of the first edition).

So, my own original input has been minimal, to say the least!

However I did fulfil the procjam criteria by making "something that makes something".

And I also fulfilied my own criteria, which was to dust off my dev tools, clean up the worst of the bit-rot in my github account, and gently massage and strengthen the coding parts of my brain with some very mild warm-up exercises  :)  (The last time I did any coding was a few years ago!)


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Neat! Would be cool to make some t-shirts out of this haha. :D Have you considered maybe automating some animations of the sliders to create simple gifs or such?